Important Details about the Solutions Outpatient Program

Please do not hesitate to call with your questions. We want to help.

Who is appropriate for Solutions Outpatient Program?

Young people (ages 14-21) who are:

  1. Willing and able to remain sober.
  2. Not violent, suicidal, or self-harming.
  3. Willing and able to comply with Solutions Program Requirements.
  4. Willing to commit to at least 4 months of treatment.
What are the Solutions Program Requirements?
  1. Attend Solutions Program 3 days a week.
  2. Attend AA or NA meetings 4 days a week.
  3. Take alcohol and urine drug screens as requested.
  4. Have parents attend Solutions one day a week
Why does the Program last so long?
The Program lasts a minimum of 4 months, possibly longer depending upon the progress of the individual. It takes a long time to recover from drug and alcohol abuse.
What are the fees?
Dr. Margolis understands that treatment is expensive and tries to keep the fees reasonable. The fees range from $2,320 to $2,730 per month. They are payable at the beginning of the month by the family.
What about insurance?
Dr. Margolis wanted to create a treatment solution that was outside the framework and restrictions of managed care networks. Managed care networks tend to restrict the length of treatment. Dr. Margolis wanted the treatment to be based upon the needs of his clients, not the dictates of insurance companies. If you have insurance, we will provide completed insurance forms for you to file with your insurance company for out of network benefits. We recommend that everyone call their insurance company to find out about what reimbursement is possible.
What kind of licensure do you have??
Solutions Outpatient Program is licensed by the State of Georgia as an Intensive Outpatient Program. Dr. Margolis is a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Georgia.
How do we get started?
Call our office to make an appointment for an initial evaluation with Dr. Margolis. This appointment is an interview with the young person and parents for 1.5 hours. After that interview with the approval of Dr. Margolis, we need a medical examination that includes a tuberculosis test, RPR blood test, and urine drug screen. These tests are a requirement of State of Georgia regulation